CH Nickerson General Constractor Office

C.H. Nickerson & Company is a self-performing general contractor with industry-leading expertise in environmental construction. Over the course of seven decades the company has built or rehabilitated more than 200 water and wastewater treatment facilities in the Northeast, establishing a reputation for project quality, safety, technical innovation and on-time and on-budget performance.

In addition to completing $80 to $100 million in environmental construction work per year, C.H. Nickerson also brings the same exacting standards to a variety of institutional, commercial, and industrial projects. From wastewater treatment facilities to schools and power plants, Nickerson strives to employ the latest technology and innovations in order to meet evolving market demands.

Our History

C.H. Nickerson & Company, Inc. is a full-service general contracting and design/build service provider founded in 1939. Since the 1950’s the company has specialized in environmental construction throughout New England, however the firm’s experience is both extensive and diverse, covering a wide range of markets: Municipal, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial. Typically C.H. Nickerson self-performs the majority of its projects, providing all site work — concrete, masonry, carpentry, equipment installation, and process piping — with its own forces.

Design-Build Process

Design-build is a project delivery format wherein the design and construction phases of a project are integrated and only one firm is accountable to the project owner for design, engineering, schedule control, cost management, and overall project management value.

As a self-performing general contractor with in-house engineers and a great deal of engineering expertise, C.H. Nickerson is well-positioned to respond to the increasing popularity of the design-build format. In the past, C.H. Nickerson & Company has successfully employed the design-build methodology in several large projects, including a Department of Transportation bus maintenance facility in Stamford, CT; a $30 million water treatment plant also in the City of Stamford; and in conjunction with its joint venture partner AECOM, a $60 million design-build contract for the renovation and upgrade of The Lawton Valley and Station Number One water treatment plants in Newport, Rhode Island.


At Nickerson ensuring worker safety is a company-wide, never ending mission of the utmost importance.  The company employs two full-time safety experts, including a Vice-President of Safety and a Safety Director, who work with management and field staff alike to continuously enhance and implement comprehensive safety training and hazard identification programs.

Training spans general construction safety practices to job site-specific training and evacuation drills conducted by OSHA-trained field supervisors.  All new employees are required to participate in these programs prior to being allowed on a job site.  Refresher safety courses are also required for all current employees and site managers.  The company also performs random drug and alcohol testing to ensure workers are able to safely perform their jobs.

Environmental Initiatives

Examples of the company’s commitment to “green” practices and preserving our natural resources can be found throughout all of Nickerson’s engineering and construction work, from the rehabilitation of wastewater treatment facilities to the construction of new water plants that provide cleaner drinking water.  By regularly installing advanced filtration and disinfection systems in both water and wastewater treatment facilities, Nickerson helps to decrease (and in some cases eliminate) the use of harsh chemicals such as chlorine, ensuring that a legacy of cleaner, healthier lakes and rivers will be left behind for generations to come.

In addition Nickerson continuously seeks new ways to reduce or recycle construction waste and wherever practical, incorporate resource saving and emissions reducing processes into the construction of new facilities.  In recent projects Nickerson has installed “green roofs” which naturally mitigate storm water runoff, as well as geothermal HVAC systems which can use up to 50 percent less electricity than traditional HVAC systems.  Wherever practical, the company endeavors to advance its knowledge of and experience with new and better environmental practices and technologies.

Community Involvement

Since its founding in Torrington CT. in 1939, C.H. Nickerson & Company has been a respected industry leader and employer throughout New England, a welcome neighbor in the communities of Northwestern Connecticut and a generous supporter of charitable initiatives at the local, state and national level.