Spencer Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade - Spencer, MA

The work consists of various improvements to the Wastewater Treatment Plant to address upcoming
phosphorus and copper limits, achieve nitrogen removal goals, and replace aging infrastructure.
Major work of the project includes construction of a new Tertiary Treatment building to house
phosphorus removal equipment, UV disinfection equipment, chemical storage tanks, return activated
sludge pumps and plant water pumps; construction of a new secondary clarifier; construction of a
new secondary clarifier distribution box; construction of a new aeration tank; construction of anew
aeration tank distribution box; replacement of the influent screen; a new grit removal system; new
submersible influent pumps; installation of equipment for nitrogen removal; renovations to an
existing building to create lab space; renovations to existing tanks and construction of new
infrastructure for improved septage receiving and storage; renovations to an existing sludge storage
tank; installation of new sludge thickening equipment; construction of a new thickened sludge
storage tank; major renovations to the existing Control Building; construction of a new dry chemical
storage silo for alkalinity addition; site work and underground utility work to support the various
improvements at the plant; and the various sub-trade work required to support the project including
major electrical, HVAC and Plumbing improvements.


Start Date: August 2022

Contract Value: $41 Million

Project Manager: Jonathan H. Miller II

Engineer: Tighe & Bond